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We Love Architraves at Skirtingboards.org

The Best Architraves Available Online… Now!
Ordering your architraves is easy. You’ve already decided what type of wood you want, (remember, we also stock beech, ash, maple, oak and walnut amongst others). Now you need to decide on your profile. Here’s three of our most popular:

We also supply loads of other profiles. In fact, if you want to copy any existing architrave profiles you might have, just send in a sample of it

Some Interesting Information About Architraves:

Architraves are moldings that surround doors in buildings. They come in three peices – the two vertical parts that start from the floor and end at the top of the door and the horizontal peice which joins the two at the top. Architraves are available in all timbers, and profiles. The friendly staff at Skirtingboards.org can advise you on any timber architrave you need, or if you require window architrave or even what tickles your fancy. Ordering architrave molding is a simple process – just decide on your profile and wood type, and we do the rest!

If you did NOT find what you were looking for today, I’d really like to hear from you also – it will help us improve our service for others. Just email me using the contact form here.

Thank you!