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How To Use Build.com Coupons To Save on Your Remodelling Project

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How to Save on Your Remodelling Project 

A home remodeling project can be an expensive endeavor. Remodeling even a small area of your home could easily cost you several thousand dollars or more, and a full home remodel may cost tens of thousands of dollars.

If you are like many homeowners who have a home remodelling project in mind, you may want to save money on your project, but you do not want to skimp and get shoddy materials or workmanship as a result. There are a few ideas you can incorporate into your remodelling plans to help you save money on your project.

Select Materials With Care 

The two components of a home remodelling budget are labor and materials, and you may be able to save a small fortune on the cost of your materials when you shop with care. Everything from the colour of granite that you use for the countertops to the quality and style of flooring that you choose will impact the cost, and when you have some flexibility in the materials that you choose, you can save a considerable amount of money. Pay attention to the total cost of certain materials rather than the per foot or per yard cost so that you can more accurately determine how much money some materials will cost to use.

Use Build.com Coupon Codes For Materials

What is Build.com? It’s basically your local Home Depot, but online. It’s also a lot cheaper than Home Depot’s online store, which seems more like an afterthought than anything else. And the best part of all this for us? They have promo codes that take a serious chunk out of the cost of materials (which can add up, believe us).

Just do a quick search for ‘Build.com coupon codes’, or use this build.com coupon website, and you’ll find all the codes you need to cut down on some huge expenses in your remodelling budget.

Do Some of the Work on Your Own 

One way to save money on a home remodelling project is to do some of the work on your own. While you may not want to attempt to work on plumbing, electrical or other skilled labor aspects of the project, you can do some of the demolition on your own. This may mean that you rip out cabinets, tear down drywall, remove flooring and more. When you put in some of the time and effort to do the work that you can, you can save thousands of dollars potentially.

Pay With Cash If Possible

When many people undertake a remodelling job, they pay for it with a loan or a line of credit, or they borrow from the mortgage. But all those methods accrue interest and you end up paying more at the end. Use cash to pay for the remodelling whenever possible and you’ll end up saving yourself money in the end.

Start Small With One or Two Rooms:

Starting a big project all at once can create lots of unexpected issues, like materials not being shipped, too many decisions being made, or accidents causing damage. Sometimes these delays can affect all the rooms and end up costing you money while your labourers sit around for something to be delivered.

If you start with one or two rooms, you’ll be able to see what challenges tend to come up and be able to handle them more easily than if the whole house depends on a hundred decisions per day.

Re-Use Some Materials:

You can save a lot of money if you only change part of your kitchen cabinets, for example. You can just change the front facing panels and the handles, and no one will know that the rest of the cabinet is original! Re-using some materials that people don’t see anyways can save you a heck of a lot of money.

Wait For Your Wanted Items To Go on Sale:

This may be torturous, but waiting for a sale to go on an appliance that you have your eye on could save you thousands of dollars…all by waiting a couple of months.

Re-Purpose Old Furniture:

If you’re building a bookcase into the wall, instead of hiring a carpenter to make a custom-build, you might want to pick up a cheap one from a garage sale. Heck, you might be able to get one for free off of Craigslist! These creative tricks also create great stories to tell your friends and family over drinks after the remodel is finished (It will! Trust us!)

Enlist Help:

Some of the unskilled aspects of a remodelling, like cleaning up, painting, or moving appliances could be something that you save for some friends. If you have the right type of friends, they might consider it a chance to bond and have some fun while you upgrade your kitchen.

Build Around Your Walls:

It may be tempting to knock out a wall and create an open-concept. But if you keep your sink, or appliances for example, in the same places, it will save you so much time, money, and risk. Knocking down walls can create unforeseen damages that can be expensive to fix. The same can be said with moving water pipes and electrical sockets.

Shop Around for Labour 

Labour is the other major component of a home remodelling budget, and you can also shop around to save money on labour. You may be inclined to think that superior craftsmanship comes with a high price tag, but this is not always the case. You can request referrals, view previous work that has been completed and read online reviews to determine which contractors offer the best combination of value and quality workmanship.

Saving money on your home remodelling project will require you to be more hands-on with the early stages of the project, such as selecting materials and shopping for labor. While it can take more of your time, you could potentially save thousands of dollars by doing so.