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Update: Our website was down for a while, but now we’re back up thanks to the good people at Web Hosting Coupon Codes. They gave us a godaddy promo code that made our domain and hosting renewals affordable enough for us to get back up and running. Thanks again!.

If you need skirting boards, then you want to deal with a company that is passionate about:

Giving you the best advice
Delivering on time
Giving you great value
Being friendly and approachable

SkirtingBoards.org can sort all of your skirting boards needs across the UK from London, Birmingham, and Manchester to skirting boards in Scotland and Wales, and everywhere in between.

To get in touch with us, we’ve made it as easy as possible:

Call 250-555-0124


If you’re on your mobile, or out of the country, ring +1 250 555 0124 (it’s cheaper)


If it’s out of office hours, fill out this easy and secure contact form below and we’ll get back to you right away with a quote.

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Also just need to tell you that we’re a Canadian registered company and part of the Better Business Bureau, established since 1903. This means that we’re recognized internationally as having the highest quality systems. It also means that we supply not just skirting boards but also skip hire, portable toilets, container hire, fence hire – everything to make your renovation easier. If you did NOT find what you were looking for today, we’d really like to hear from you also – it will help us improve our service for others.

Thank you!

The Skirting Boards Solutions Crew

When You Need The Skirting Solutions Crew:

If You’re Looking To Remodel Your Home:

remodeling services britain
Our team of professionals have a combined 175 years of experience in every facet of home-building and remodelling. We also have strategic partnerships with major appliance and building materials companies, so that we can get supplies at a deeper discount than any other company.

If You’re Looking To Fix Up Your Home To Sell It:

Maybe you’re looking to sell your home soon, but the usual wear and tear has started to add up over the years. We do in-home consultations to help you evaluate what would be the most effective and cost-efficient methods to help you ‘freshen up’ your home and get top dollar on the market.

You Had a Pest Problem:

Skirting boards rotting due to bugs is nothing new. After pest control has done its job, we can replace your skirting boards throughout the home, or just in a particular area of your home.

More Resources:

We wanted to give you some recommended places where you can buy skirting boards (or ‘base boards’, as they call it in the USA):

  • Build.com – This is basically an online-only version of Home Depot…but with coupons! They have everything a handyman could want available online, plus they have some astounding free shipping offers that make this a perfect fit for businesses.
  • Avis – If you don’t have a large enough vehicle to transport the boards and the store you order from does not offer delivery you could always rent a vehicle. Avis has van-rates which aren’t too bad .
  • Home Depot – Everyone loves Home Depot. Just try to buy everything you need in one trip. Go ahead: we dare you. P.S. Buy a hot dog for us!
  • Alibaba.com – The new e-commerce site has some great prices on skirting boards of all types.


Not exactly related to skirting boards, but in the realm of home improvement we’ve been very interested in washer and dryer combos lately. They are great for apartments and other small dwellings where space is a premium, and there are some really great ones on the market these days. Check them out if you are looking to do an upgrade on your laundry area!