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Dado Rails

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We Love Dado Rails!

The Best Dado Rails Available Online…Now!
Ordering your dado rails is easy. All you need to decide is what timber type you want (we do MDF, oak pine and more besides!), and choose a profile.

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We do lots of profiles, but here’s our most popular:

Dado Rails | Skirtingboards.org

The next thing you have to do is find out how many lengths you need. Just measure out the circumference of the room or rooms that you’re redecorating, and we can work out the number of lengths. Easy!

What You Need to Know About Dado Rails

The original purpose of the dado rail was to protect walls from the markings caused by chairs. Dado rails are also called chair rails because of this reason but are mainly now used for aesthetic purposes. They can come in a range of timbers and designs. Dado mouldings are easy to fit and turn an average looking space in to a sophisticated and elegant looking room.

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Skirting Boards Solutions are one of Canada’s leading suppliers of dado rails and wall mouldings and deliver all over Canada, straight to your door. We’re an ISO:9001 quality assured company which means our systems are recognized as being at an exceptional level. We make ordering dado rails as easy and stress-free as possible. Call our friendly, professional team and see how we can help you today. If you did NOT find what you were looking for today, I’d really like to hear from you also – it will help us improve our service for others. Just email me using the contact form here.

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